Passport Photo

Duclos Photo specializes in passport and identity photos, for children and babies.

Naturally, we also make pictures for parents!

Here are a few tips on how to prepare your baby for his/her passport photo:

  • For a good contrast on a white background, baby should wear dark clothing.
  • Avoid all light clothing, hoods, bibs, pacifiers, etc. 
  • All decorative accessories such as ribbon in his/her hair is not accepted. 

For a newborn who is unable to sit on his own, we prefer placing the baby on the floor, in order for us to take the photo from the top. This will avoid shadows. For parents who prefer using their car seat or stroller, the seat must be covered with a white blanket. It should be noted that parents are not allowed to be in the photo such as using their hands for supporting their child.

For more information on passport, please visit the Government of Canada website.